I’m a young Italian with a passion for languages, cinema, reading and videogames.

I started translating as a simple hobby, taking part in projects which eventually failed due to lack of partners (or worse, bad partners). Last year I started working in close contact with Red Redemption to translate Fate of the World. Working alone on “my” translation gave me time to check, double-check, correct and modify in freedom. When I finished what I consider “my first work”, I noticed that a real passion was born for this little hobby.

There’s a proverb, “traduttore, traditore” (translator, traitor): I often see “professional works” done using google translate (French colleagues, I am looking at you), or “compass” (Italian: bussola) translated as “compasso” .

The hardest part of a good translation is also knowing what you are translating: whether you are talking about an ancient formation used by the Romans or an endangered animal, it’s my duty to make sure my translation is right.

I translate English to Italian.